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"I have been visiting Dr. Youn for 8 years and have been consistently impressed with the standard of care she offers, her professionalism and I feel completely at ease with her personable approach. I have had a number of successful and pain-free treatments, as well as work that required a referral to another..."


Testimonial #1


 I have had mostly bad experiences with dentists in the past, causing great anxiety every time I had to see one. I hadn't had a check-up in over 6 years, but over the course of 2005, I must have seen her at least 6 times; received 2 cleanings, filled 3 cavities and recovered from a 3 wisdom teeth extraction under her care.

The first thing you notice with Dr. Youn is her open and cheery disposition. I got the impression that she was not only good at what she does, but also enjoys it and sincerely cares for the well being of her patients.

My first impression was correct. I do not have any health insurance but was able to receive care second to none. After a careful exam, she took the time to explain all of my treatment options, and helped choose the best one for me. And though I'm kind of a big baby when it comes to pain, her treatments were thorough yet painless.

Dr. Youn has changed my whole outlook on dentistry. My dental and oral health is better than ever, and I look forward to my next visit.

Brian C.

Testimonial #2


 I was referred to Dr. Janet Youn and was immediately pleased with her services! I am not new to dental work as I am a career dental patient having had braces for 4 years as a youth and continued procedures throughout adulthood, so I have seen my fair share of dentists. Dr. Youn was very informative about the procedures and explained everything to my understanding.

Based on my current condition, she referred me to a specialist for a consultation and subsequently, I scheduled for gum surgery. Dr. Youn's follow up on this was not expected but showed me the extent that she cares for her patients.

Overall she was most courteous and her chair-side manners were very professional and put me at ease. I would recommend her to any of my friends, associates and have referred her to some of my colleagues at my work. I am very pleased that I found Dr. Youn and consider her my dentist of choice!

Marcus R.

Testimonial #3


 Dr. Youn is very conscientious and thorough with her examinations and procedures. She makes herself available if there are any problems and is incredibly personable, which makes the whole experience comfortable and as enjoyable as it could possibly get at a dentist's office.

John B.

Testimonial #4


 Dr. Youn is one of the best dental experiences I have enjoyed in years! She is an expert in her field and does amazing work. From an inter-personal patient/doctor perspective, Dr. Youn understands her patient's needs as she is proactive in her approach — she heads off any potential for an "Ouch!" before the word has time to make it to my lips! Thanks Dr. Youn!

Kevin S.

Testimonial #5


 I have been visiting Dr. Youn for 8 years and have been consistently impressed with the standard of care she offers, her professionalism and I feel completely at ease with her personable approach. I have had a number of successful and pain-free treatments, as well as work that required a referral to another dentist — needless to say the referral was of the same high quality as Dr. Youn herself.

She takes the time to explain what treatments are required, the options that are available, as well as the time involved. I would and have recommended her without hesitation!

Susan H.

Testimonial #6


 Dr. Youn is a very good dentist. She is very friendly and I'm impressed by how she pays careful attention to each patient's personal needs. Also, I like how she follows up with me on post dental

Howard T.

Testimonial #7


 Dr. Youn is the best dentist I've ever had and I've been to many. She did some major work on me — a six tooth porcelain bridge on the upper front of my mouth and not only does it look beautiful but it also looks entirely natural. Furthermore, she has a gentle touch and does provide a truly pain-free experience. In fact, even after the novocaine has worn off, I rarely feel the slightest discomfort. And Dr. Youn is so personable, so genuinely interested in her patients as people, that I actually look forward to seeing and talking with her. I will be getting more major work in the
not-so-distant future — implants and Dr. Youn will be doing them. I give her the highest

Marci G.

Testimonial #8


 Dr. Youn is a terrific dentist, a consummate professional, and a very good person. She cares about her patients, and truly does practice “pain free” dentistry. I've been going to Dr. Youn for more than 9 years (that includes few crowns, a number of fillings and cleanings and orthodontic treatment) and I would recommend her to ANYONE who needs dental work. She listens to her patients, and let's you know exactly what she is doing. There are no surprises here... except you might actually enjoy your trip to the dentist!

Brendan A.

Testimonial #9


 Dr. Youn is fantastic! I plan to go to her as my dentist forever! Her chair-side manner and caring way makes my visits to the dentist pleasant. I think the world of her and always recommend her services.

Caroline T.

Testimonial #10


 Finding a dentist is all about referrals. I was lucky enough to be referred to Dr. Youn and I've been referring her to anyone who will listen ever since. She truly cares about her patients. As a professional, she's caring and extremely competent. Given the amount of work that she's done on me, and it's a lot, I highly recommend her.

Mike C.

Testimonial #11


 As a nervous patient, Dr. Youn has been a revelation — thorough explanations of options and procedures, gentle treatment and good aftercare.

Dr. Youn was recommended to me by a colleague and in turn it has been a pleasure to recommend her services to many more friends and colleagues.

Neil H.

Testimonial #12


 Dr. Youn was recommended to me by a friend and I have been extremely happy with her services and results. I had not been to a dentist in a number of years and Dr. Youn put me at ease with her professionalism and friendly approach. I always feel that she devotes her full attention to me and that her care is very thorough. I could not ask for more in a dentist!

Robert O.

Testimonial #13


 One word sums up Dr. Youn — Quality. She skillfully manages each issue and always manages to create that rare "win-win" solution. She has a very personable approach to her responsibilities and demonstrates tremendous amount of respect for each patient. It is a pleasure having treatments performed by her and I look forward to seeing her each time. There is no doubt that she goes above and beyond her duties.

Steven W.

Testimonial #14


 I have been Dr. Youn's patient for many years and have since recommended her to both family and friends. Dr. Youn is a talented dentist, who runs a very organized practice and uses cutting edge techniques, materials and equipment. But perhaps the best part about Dr. Youn's practice is the attention that she pays to each and every patient. I have always been able to get a convenient appointment both for scheduled visits and the unavoidable dental emergencies. Dr. Youn has even been kind enough to triage some of my dental issues by email. I can always rely on Dr. Youn to remember both my dental history and the details of my personal life that I sometimes share during my visits.

As for Dr. Youn's professional skills, I have never been anything less than impressed. Dr. Youn has the hands of an artist, having sculpted augmentations for my front teeth that look better than the real thing. With Dr. Youn's help, I was able to finally straighten my teeth at age 25 in just over a year without any unsightly braces, using Invisalign. Finally, Dr. Youn's kind but disciplined reminders about routine care have made me improve my daily dental hygiene and get my teeth and gums in better order.

The best recommendation I can give is that, unlike most, I look forward to my dentist

Alex G.

Testimonial #15


 Gentle, thorough, and assuring. Dr. Youn is the perfect dentist for an overly sensitive, paranoid, chronically worried-about-teeth patient. I'm not sure how I can prove in this short testimonial that she knows how to spot things that past dentists have missed and fix the messes that you've unintentionally created with bad genes and less than stellar flossing habits, but it's true. As a patient of more than 6 years, she's created a level of trust and confidence, that I never knew could exist with dentists. New York is a special place, and Dr. Youn is one of those reasons — as a person who has had to move to another city, I realized that she's going to be irreplaceable. So instead, I'll be making special trips in to visit her and her trusted assistant, Linda, and I hope you do too.

Matt S.

Testimonial #16


 I have been a patient of Dr. Youn's since 2003. I had always been fearful of going to the dentist, but Dr. Youn immediately put me at ease with her kind demeanor and openness in hearing my questions and concerns. She is very thorough and precise yet extremely gentle. Dr. Youn has provided excellent advice about some dental issues I have had and has helped me navigate the various courses of treatment with the utmost ease and clarity. Dr. Youn has helped me maintain excellent dental health over the years and always made me feel comfortable, relaxed and extremely well cared for.

Jenny C.

Testimonial #17


 I have been a patient of Dr. Youn for over 6 years and I am so happy to have found a dentist who is honest and compassionate. She really took the time to get to know me and has a remarkable way of making me feel very comfortable and in good hands. I never walk into her office afraid! I have had a few emergency situations and she fit me in right away. Thanks, Dr. Youn!

Jocelyn S.

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